Divine Pharos

The Purpose of Earthly Life.

Psychospiritual reincarnate guided by spiritual communications Spiritual Society. Birth death cycle repeated fulfil Karma; Angels and evil spirits battle.

Monograph 16 Dionysius the Areopagite: Now available

We all from time to time ask the questions:

These books of spiritual teachings have been translated and compiled from the original Classical Greek transcripts of spiritual communications given during séances held at the Spiritualist Society of Athens (Greece) from 1959-1979. The original Greek bibliography can be obtained from: www.divinelight.org.gr.

The coverage of the topics is serious, meaningful and provides guidance to prepare us to return home each time better than when we were born. Topics covered include:

  • Body, Soul and Spirit
  • Angels and Archangels
  • The role of Lucifer and his followers
  • Symbolism and the Cross
  • Birth and death
  • Phenomena just before and after death
  • Euthanasia, Suicide
  • Reincarnation, Spiritualism
  • Dreams
  • Egoism
  • Structure of The Heavenly Kingdom
  • Religions
  • Love, Faith, Truth, Justice
  • Prophets and prophesies

All souls were created with the same level of soul strength. At first the souls did not understand their relationship with God and so He gave them a spirit to enable them to perceive everything and to be able to judge for themselves with a free-will. They became psycho-spiritual entities. A small number of these psycho-spiritual entities further developed their soul strength while in The Heavenly Paradise and remained there obedient to Him. They did not descend to Earth but became Angels and Archangels. The other rebellious psycho-spiritual entities that preferred to listen to and follow the Evil spirit were sent to the newly created Earth. The rebellious psycho-spiritual entities were not sent all together but in groups to different parts of Earth. Adam and Eve symbolize the beginning and represent groups of entities not just two individuals.

God in His wisdom created Earth as a practical workshop where incarnated psycho-spiritual entities are perfected. God created Man last as an unpolished diamond. The polishing was to take place between Good and Evil in the earthly workshop. Man was the last creation on Earth in order that he would find everything necessary for his physical sustenance and spiritual evolution.

Earth and Man have gone through many stages of development. There are many gaps in our history about which Man knows nothing. There have been many civilizations and cultures more advanced than our current one. The ancients were able to communicate with their gods through meditation. Many of these gods were Angels who were sent to assist Man’s development. The knowledge of the ancients was immense, for example Pythagoras who first taught the “Know Thyself” in the Oracle of Delphi. He created temples not to abolish the then known gods and beliefs but to use them as a foundation for his belief in the existence of One, the Creator of all.

Man ignores the reason for his existence on Earth. He ignores his duty to further evolve by developing his soul strength in order to ascend to the Heavenly Kingdom. The psycho-spiritual entity’s evolution is further enhanced whilst in Heaven by going through a number of evolutionary stages called Stations. Progress in Heaven is at a much slower pace than in the practical earthly workshop. Earth is named Station Alpha and is the first and only material Station. The other Stations are spiritual; the last station being Station Omega that is the Heavenly Paradise. When an entity is recalled to Heaven (dies), depending on its conduct it is placed in a position that correctly reflects its progress.

The books are not easy to read and introduce a number of subjects and concepts that may be unfamiliar to you. My suggestion is that you read the book at least once cover to cover to get a broad understanding and then read it again carefully. There are a number of topics that will create debate. Please cross-reference them with the scriptures. Seek and I am sure you will find. Most of all, I hope that you will embrace some of the teachings.

Each page is divided into two sections, one that contains the translation and in the other I have added remarks or references that you may find useful, in italic.

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