Divine Pharos

Book 12
Phrygo A

This is the first of two volumes entitled Phrygo A and Phrygo B. Both volumes discuss amongst a number of spiritual teachings a previous incarnation of a member of the Spiritualist Society of Athens whose name during her most recent incarnation [dec’d June1979] was Ephrocene (Ευφροσύνη). She married another member of the Society, Anastasios-Milanos Stratigopoulos who upon his ascent to Heaven was honoured with the position of Lord of Poseidon. In a previous incarnation of Ephrocene she was a Doyenne of society in Athens during the time of the construction of the Acropolis circa 450 BC. Her name then was Phrygo. During that time the most precious treasures of the Greek spirit were transmitted through talks and teachings delivered by Socrates, Plato, Euclid and Aristotle to name a few. It was indeed a golden era.

Volume A consists of translations of Classical Greek texts written down during séances with George Pisanis as the medium. These spiritual communications took place during the period 2 Oct 1964 - 26 Mar 1966. The texts are in the chronological order that they were received and the date is stated at the beginning of each section. It is necessary to read the volumes carefully and then debate the key points.

The study of these two volumes gives us an opportunity to receive enlightenment into the key lessons relating to our many incarnations. This includes the importance of living a balanced life and confirms the important role that woman plays in the success of man. It is necessary to read Volume A carefully and then debate its key points. To do this I believe the serious reader will find it helpful to refer to the book "What we should know before we depart earth" (Volume 1) published free on the website of DivinePharos.org.

It is essential to realise that the Spiritual World does not ever provide humanity with information about previous lives, as this is contrary to its strict Heavenly laws. However, we are privileged in this case as a rare exception was made in order to teach us about reincarnation, to honour the spiritual contributions made by Phrygo herself, and throughout this teaching to enable us to gain insight into the structure of the Heavenly Kingdom.

I trust you appreciate the account of Phrygo and realise how blessed and privileged we are to be the recipients of it.

In this work the following Heavenly Leaders and Teachers of the Spiritual World participated:

Angel Photilatos
John the forerunner
Lord Pharah
Lord of Poseidon
Luke, the Evangelist
Richard Wagner
Roger Bacon
Solomon the wise