Divine Pharos

Book 3
Spiritualism and Spiritual Enlightenment.

Not only Faith saves, Love, Justice and Truth precede it. The Cross is God's symbol that overpowers everything. Moses and his laws are examined.

Have you ever asked the questions:

This third book of spiritual teachings translated from original transcripts of spiritual communications given and written in Greek, answers these questions and in doing so may stimulate many more. The book contains four chapters.

The Holy Spirit states, “There is no need for the enlightened to attract more than those who come to be enlightened. There is no need for all to see the sun.”

Topics covered include:
  • The mediums in their ignorance are instruments of Evil
  • God and Lucifer
  • Examination of the texts
  • The simple and philosophical meaning of the Lord’s parables
  • Earthly spirits
  • Miracles and phenomena
  • Souls’ Day
  • About Confession
  • How to rediscover the lost Paradise
  • Dogmas and Systems
  • The purpose of the Saints in the Kingdom of God
  • The errors of ecclesiastical authority
  • Pure knowledge is Heavenly enlightenment
  • Nicodemus’s conversation with the Lord
  • Incarnation and reincarnation
  • The meaning of karma

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