Divine Pharos

Book 4
The Past, the Present and the Future.

Not only Faith saves, Love, Justice and Truth precede it. The Cross is God's symbol that overpowers everything. Moses and his laws are examined.

Have you ever asked the questions:

This fourth book of spiritual teachings translated from original transcripts of spiritual communications given and written in Greek, together with the other three books in the series, provides some if not all the answers.

Topics covered include:
  • The Distinction between spirit and instinct.
  • The souls of animals, insects and plants.
  • Perfecting the soul of animals.
  • The serpent and the herbs.
  • The apple of the first created and the wicket serpent.
  • The transition from Heaven to Earth.
  • The Golden State.
  • The White State.
  • The lost civilisation of Atlantis: the acme and the decay.
  • The pyramid of Cheops and the Chaldeans.
  • Other entities of the Universal world.
  • The seven Universes.
  • Erich von Daniken.
  • Were the gods astronauts?
  • Flying saucers.