Divine Pharos

Book 5
Psycho-Spiritual Entities.

It is said that everything has its time and place. So it is with this book. You may find it inappropriate for this stage of your development. If this is the case you should still continue to try to increase your knowledge of Truth, live a balanced life and love your neighbour. Knowledge is a double-edge sword and you may not be able to be assisted by others. Unless Man has a conscience, the raw Truth benefits no one. On the contrary it reinforces greed, ego and deceit that stem from material desires. The absolute Truth is a Heavenly Light not an earthly one. If you wait for Heaven to provide you with baked bread you would starve. What Heaven does provide you with are the essentials to enable you to work to acquire the reward (bread) of your labours. Do not wait for miracles to occur without any effort from you.

This is an unusual but informative book that explains the reason why we humans are on Earth. It is a difficult concept to understand and accept. Most of us have been indoctrinated by various religious beliefs and dogmas that place blinkers on our eyes and therefore we are unable to see reality for ourselves and to separate it from the falsehoods that have been peddled throughout the centuries by individuals or institutions primarily for financial gain, higher positions or ego-tripping. The book starts with a description of creation when God created all the souls and then gave each soul a spirit so that the soul only entity became an entity with both a soul and a spirit — a psycho-spiritual entity able to judge and make decisions by itself. Most of us have heard about the expulsion from the Heavenly Paradise of psycho-spiritual entities because of their disobedience. Some psycho-spiritual entities chose to remain close to God. To help the expelled psycho-spiritual entities with their spiritual progression God created Earth for their practical education and to speed their acquisition of knowledge through temptation.

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Divine Pharos Book 5 —Psycho-Spiritual Entities
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