Divine Pharos

Book 6
The Restoration of Origen.

By Dimitrios EL Makrygiannis

The starting point for writing this book was the realisation that while Origen died in the year 253, his conviction took place precisely three centuries later, namely the year 553, during the Fifth Ecumenical Council. Thus we rightfully wondered: To what was this substantial delay owed? What came to pass within this time frame? Why did the great Fathers of the Church not attend earlier to nullify those views, which were then and are up until today, considered to be opposed to the Christian teachings?

The effort to clarify these questions led the writer to a more thorough investigation of the subject. We believe that the present work, not only resolves multiple problems, but also clears up the spiritual mapping opening up new horizons for the deeper and more essential study of the life, work and teachings of the Father of the science of Theology, the great Origen.

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