Divine Pharos

Book 8
Confucian Anthology.

There are in excess of 2,500 texts transmitted over the period 1961- 1979 through George Pisanis the medium of the Spiritualist Society of Athens – Greece (www.divinelight.org.gr). As translator and editor of this anthology I have selected some of the texts transmitted mainly by the psycho-spiritual entity that in his last incarnation on Earth was known as Confucius.

There are seven spiritual entities that co habit with Lord Jesus Christ in His Palace, amongst them is Confucius. The other six, and using the name of their last incarnation are: Lord Pharah, John the Baptist, St George, Hippocrates, Socrates and Homer. They are known collectively as the Stars of the Lord.

Over the years through the unique and blessed communication path protected by Lord Pharah who was also the spiritual guardian of the medium, the Stars of the Lord as well as other spiritual entities transmitted a number of texts. All the texts complement each other and never contradict each other even though they were delivered by different psycho-spiritual entities at different times over a period of approximately twenty years.

The topics presented in this book give a broad understanding of the Spiritual World and in some instances give specific directions for us to follow if we wish to ascend to higher echelons. Some of you may wonder how Confucius provided teachings in Greek. The answer is that all high spirits can communicate in any human language with the medium – language is not a barrier. The spirits do not belong to any one specific country but only to the World of Spiritual life as defenders of Truth, Justice and Love towards the creations of the Lord and Creator of everything.

I encourage you to read, discuss with others, to research and apply what you have read in this book.

I advise you to read first the texts previously published here at the Divine Pharos website.

May God be with you.

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