Divine Pharos

www.DivinePharos.org would like to introduce you to the
Spiritualist Society of Athens “The Divine Light”

Readers of Divine Pharos may be interested in the Spiritualist Society of Athens “The Divine Light” and the texts which were transmitted from Heaven.

The booklet addresses the following two points:

• What is the Spiritualist Society of Athens, its purpose and its role today?
• What are the “Divine Light” texts which are published by the Society?

First of all, the “Divine Light” texts are tightly connected with the existence of the Society itself. It was with the initial reception of teachings from celestial entities, through spiritualistic séances, that a small circle of people formed. These people believed in the authenticity of the teachings and founded the Society, whose purpose was to continue receiving these messages from the Spiritual World and to make them known to the whole world.

The first part was completed. All the texts were given to the Society in the time-period between 1961 and 1979. They were transmitted by higher spiritual entities to the Channel of the Society, Mr. Georgios Pisanis.

The second part started with the publication of the texts by the Spiritualist Society of Athens “The Divine Light”. All teachings and messages from the Spiritual World have been published in books, in the Greek language. There is an ongoing effort to translate these books into the English language first, and then into other languages. Currently, eight books have been translated into English.

In brief, the Divine Light texts contain teachings from the highest order of the Spiritual World, i.e. from highly evolved spiritual entities which hold leading positions in the Kingdom of Heaven. Many of these spirits have been notorious minds and personalities on Earth. Among them we find many ancient Greek wise men, philosophers and Fathers of the Church, Indian Gurus, ancient Chinese philosophers, Western minds, including great music composers, men of the letters, poets, scientists, etc. Yet other higher entities are completely unknown to us because, what is important on Earth is not necessarily important in Heaven and vice versa.

These Leaders and Teachers of the Spirit World have communicated teachings and messages that will help the spiritual awakening of humanity in the ages to come. They have revealed to us a wealth of knowledge, from metaphysical truths to mysteries of Heaven and they have showed us what our purpose on this planet is. They are heralding the coming of a new era on Earth, a golden State in which Love, Justice and Brotherhood will rule and the human spirit will be ridden of the impure elements of ignorance.

We urge all people to read the Divine Light texts and to realize for themselves why this has been called the New Gospel of Heaven on Earth.