Divine Pharos

The Monographs
Thematic monographs from Divinely Inspired channeled texts

Readers approaching the subject of Divine Communications may find the book series “The purpose of Earthly Life” an enormous task to tackle in the first instance. For this reason I have gathered a number of Spiritual Teachings under subject specific topics to narrow the initial quest for knowledge. The monographs complement what is written in the four books of this series.

Subjects have been selected based on readers’ requests and my own wish to expand on certain sacred topics.

The whole unbridged texts on which these monographs are based are given in a separate file called “References-Bibliography.pdf”. The original Greek and English versions of some of the books can be obtained from www.divinelight.org.gr. From this website other inspired spiritual texts can be obtained.

As with the books on this website: www.divinepharos.org, which can be downloaded free, each page of the monographs is divided into two sections: the wider section contains the translation and the other, additional material from the editor, encyclopaedias, Wikipedia and elsewhere to assist with your reading.

You may find the lexicon given in the “Glossary-Monographs.pdf” file useful.

Yianni Attikiouzel
Translator and Editor